ViviCam T135 3D Review

15th February 2012 give the thumbs up!
"I say with great pride that I love this little camera. The ViviCam T135 weighs about as much as a smartphone and is about as thick as a stack of credit cards. But this little puppy can sure do a heck of a lot. Essentially it's got all the features of a normal point-and-click camera, with the addition of ....3D!!! All of this will only set you back a mere $75 bucks as well. As Yakov Smirnoff would say, "What a country!"

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Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim Limited Edition Box Set

31th January 2012

Look at what the guys at High Snobiety had to say:
When Vivitar created the Ultra Wide and Slim, they sought out to produce a cheap point and shoot film camera for the masses. What they achieved was legendary. With it's wide angle 22mm lens, the Ultra Wide and Slim framed each image with a strong vignette.
Four Corner Store has acquired a limited run of 75 factory fresh, brand new Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slims. This extremely rare camera gave birth to the 35mm toy camera movement, and now is your chance to own one of the most coveted cameras ever.

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Vivitar DVR925 Review

10th December 2010

Another cracking review from Pregnancy & New Born
"So when I was asked to try out the Vivitar DVR 925 , a digital video recorder that snaps stills as well as videos, I thought about how much time I would have to set aside to test it out and I felt like it would be nearly impossible. Boy, was I wrong."

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